Email Marketing Automation – Improve your customer engagement

How can you Improve customer engagement for your email marketing campaigns without investing more money and manpower?  How can you improve your email open rates, click rates and thereby customer engagement through relevant and prompt email communications through the entire customer life cycle?  How can you cut costs of man power and human errors by automating your email campaigns?

The advantages are:

  • Automated email campaigns deliver open rate in excess of 40% and thereby greater revenue and ROI.
  • Cut costs by removing human intervention in uploading lists, content, testing and errors associated with it.
  • Automate your subscription, invite and confirmation mails on the event
  • Incorporate dynamic content that improves personalisation and individualization and relevancy
  • Automated campaigns based on time, event or subscriber activity
  • Communicate effectively through automated life cycle campaigns to strengthen subscriber relationships over time
  • Measure performance of automated email campaigns, if the subscribers are opening, clicking, browsing, abandoing shopping carts, purchasing or unsubscribing? Increase sales by identifying such behaviour and communicate relevant and interesting content.

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