1. Email Layout:
  • Determining the layout design. Single column and two-column layouts work best for emails because they control the natural chaos that results when a lot of content is pushed into such a small space as email. Use a consistent HTML template.
  • Add in a header that contains logo, view online links if the email is not rendered properly on recipient email client, instructions to add sender email id to recipients address book (improved deliverability), etc
  • Body or the main section that contains the main content of the mailer.
  • Footer – should contain unsubscribe, contact us and forward to friend links and sender’s general terms and policies.


You can notice the email layout in the images below from Target, a top retailer mailer from USA. The header has all relevant detail of add to address book for inbox delivery, view online version, brand logo, etc.

Email Header


The body of the mailer has a consistent look with a single column view, with a clear offer and an actionable main link. You can also notice actionable links to other categories of products on the retailer website. You would also notice more offers, clearance sales, and other attractive discounts at the bottom of the main offer.

Email Body


You would notice multi-channel contact points for engagement on other digital channels and fine print of offer details, etc.
Email Body - Social Media Links


You would notice in the footer below, all relevant details on why you are receiving this email, to opt-out from further communications, company policies, etc.

Email Footer