9. Images in Emails


You can use as many images in an email message as you wish – the right number depends on the purpose, type and focus of the email. For instance, e-commerce emails often have more images than promotional emails.

Consider using graphic images and buttons to draw a reader’s attention. These images can convey concepts in combination with your copy. Make sure your call-to-action is not only supported by an image but also by text. This way, if the images are turned off, the call-to-action is still clear.

Images for emails should be hosted on a Website and not embedded within the email to ensure proper rendering and to minimize the email’s file size.

Important note:

Define the size and parameters (horizontal and vertical height in pixels) of each graphic in the <IMG SRC> tags.

For example:
<img src=”http://www.companyabc.com/image.gif” width=”75” height=”60” alt=”Titleof Image”>


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