At first everyone wanted to do something in web, people began with creating email Ids started chatting; browsing websites, there was sudden upsurge of people who wanted to spend time on web.

Then, everyone wanted to be on web for various reasons, to find information, to look for products and services, to sell products and services, to spread awareness among people and for variety of other reasons.

The market has evolved now, the organizations have realized the importance of meaningful communications and people on the web have realized the importance of filtering these communications to suit their needs.

Kenscio, who is the front runner in the Digital Direct Marketing space, has carved a niche for itself for helping organizations to reach their target audience directly to engage them in a these meaningful communications.

We are now actively looking for people who are excited to serve enterprise clients, who can become a reason for client’s success and who are passionate about Digital Direct Marketing

5 things the Kenscio team is excited about

Passion: It does not matter if you are an Engineer, MBA, MS…What matters the most to us is your passion in Digital Marketing…We are a firm believer that what shapes a successful team member is his passion to do and learn things…We have carefully picked up the talent across the country who proven the test of time. So if you are fresher/simple plain graduate or any degree you may you may have we are open to listen to you.

Attitude: Attitude is what defines your behaviour…We are constantly looking for people with a client servicing and client success bent of mind…We are serving the large enterprises for streamlining their direct communications and are responsible for their ROI. The attitude of the team is like of an extended team who would go an extra mile to make achieve the client’s objectives.

Ownership: We respect and like to work with folks who take ownership of getting things done…It does not matter if you eat lot of food…Likes to come in your favourite jeans…browse social networking sites, only if you can get the things done!

Execution: Good you talk ideas but can you take it to the market, do you have what it takes to execute? We take ideas very seriously…and back our life in getting it done if it’s worth it!

Culture: Well, you may find our clothes casual, you may see beer cans in our office fridge…You may also see us relaxing on a given weekday…But when it comes to work, we are seriously aggressive 🙂 . The rule is very simple…Work Smart, Party Smarter!

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PS: We value your Emails, Subject Lines and Content too…Please be creative in sending us your resumes with good emails!