(Specified Location: London, United Kingdom)

This is the exact replica of a “weather update” panel placed in a RTP Email. It enables your Email Marketing effort to bring on more contexts as per the geography and weather condition of the location where the email is being read.

The intention is clear and straight. If you are offering weather based deals to your customers, no need to worry about losing relevancy by sending an offer on a Raincoat to your customer facing extreme summer heat while making an offer on air cooler to another customer drenched in incessant rainfall.

There is an added sense of “proximity” that a reader can feel with your brand while he reads your mail. The customer/subscriber can easily surmise the weather condition by simply looking out of the window, we don’t need to inform that. But it’s all about activating the neurological response to your email by intuition, unconsciousness or effortless action. The second stage of such Neuromarketing process is deliberate action, we simply call it a qualified lead. But, as you can see, the weather feed strategically placed at the top of this article has made you read the article till this point. A valid claim, isn’t it?

So, next time you perform an email campaign that has something to do with a weather condition of any geography, say, invitation for a corporate event, place this weather feed that can also forecast the weather for next 6 days of the opening day/time of an Email.


  1. Real-time weather update
  2. Forecasting up to next 6 days
  3. Multiple formats are available, say, showing only single day weather format (showing weather condition of only the day when the Email is opened)
  4. The weather condition is captured on the basis of the exact time an Email is opened, not the time of sending. So, no scope of losing relevancy at any point of time.

RTP Enthusiasts who have used it:

Ecommerce Company (Weather based deals)

Large ESP based in Germany (Event Invitation)

For more information, visit http://realtimepersonalisation.com/