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Email Marketing Automation – Improve your customer engagement

Email Marketing Automation – Improve your customer engagement

How can you Improve customer engagement for your email marketing campaigns without investing more money and manpower?  How can you improve your email open rates, click rates and thereby customer engagement through relevant and prompt email communications through the entire customer life cycle?  How can you cut costs of man power and human errors by automating your email campaigns?

The advantages are:

  • Automated email campaigns deliver open rate in excess of 40% and thereby greater revenue and ROI.
  • Cut costs by removing human intervention in uploading lists, content, testing and errors associated with it.
  • Automate your subscription, invite and confirmation mails on the event
  • Incorporate dynamic content that improves personalisation and individualization and relevancy
  • Automated campaigns based on time, event or subscriber activity
  • Communicate effectively through automated life cycle campaigns to strengthen subscriber relationships over time
  • Measure performance of automated email campaigns, if the subscribers are opening, clicking, browsing, abandoing shopping carts, purchasing or unsubscribing? Increase sales by identifying such behaviour and communicate relevant and interesting content.

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7 ways to increase your email campaign click rates

After working hard on your email campaigns, you want to make sure that people read it and click the links inside. In this article, you will discover 7 ways to help improve the click-through rate of the links in your email message.

Have you ever received a direct mail letter that asked you to put a big “Yes” sticker on the offer letter and return it? If you returned the letter, they know there’s a good chance you’re interested in the offer. The “Yes” sticker is just to get you involved.

Email marketers can use this idea, too, for maximum success in your opt-in email marketing campaigns. Placing links in your marketing is one way to get your audience to interact with your message. It also helps deliver your audience to your website.

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Improve your email campaign open rates

One of the most important metric in any email campaign is the number of recipients who have opened the email. The open rate is the ratio of the number of recipients who opened or read the mail to the number of recipients the email campaign was sent to.  The recipient open or read is tracked by embedding a single pixel image in the message, which when opened (by image enabled email clients either manual or automatic) is recorded in the email server as an open.  There are other indirect techniques as well.

How to make your recipients open the message, when they see the mail in their inbox?  Read the interesting article at Kenscio’s website

Wish you better open rates on your next campaign when you adopt some of the practices discussed in the article.


Guidelines for Email Design – Create effective HTML Emails keeping current best practices in mind.

Guidelines for Email Design – Create effective HTML Emails keeping current best practices in mind.

Long gone are the early days of HTML email marketing, when we could just drop one big graphic in our files with an image map defining the different areas the graphic would link to. Over the years, as a range of email readers multiplied with varying support for graphics, and spammers abused the support of imagery, the rules of using graphics in HTML emails have changed considerably.

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Welcome to Kenscio’s Blog

Thanks for visiting Kenscio’s official blog site. Our blog site will be presenting you with best of knowledge and information from Industry and client case studies in email and social media marketing.

Kenscio is a digital marketing solutions  and services provider. The services offered include a world class E-mail marketing platform,  List Rental services from a colossal database of 20 million, Inviter Solution, List Hygiene  Management and a world class Social CRM marketing platform.

Kenscio  is based out of Bangalore and Delhi. The company has strategic alliances  with many leading Indian Advertising Agencies. Kenscio is actuating a marketing  platform for enterprises on the social media lines. This will allow drip  marketing phenomenon into consumers’s social graph resulting in higher  conversion rates and brand interaction.

Kenscio is a success-story for everyone to be aspired  and get fascinated. It’s a story for everyone to realise the metamorphosis of a  concept transpiring into operations and to success.

Kenscio started its operations in February, 2009 and was known as Sprinklr India.

Since the time of inception, the growth has been  stupendous. In March, 2009 Kenscio started with 6 clients. The current numbers  has crossed the benchmark. In terms of client growth, the organisation has seen  a ten-fold increase.

A demonstrative increase in terms of mailing-volumes, the growth has  been 15 times.
Kenscio provides full range of services from Strategy and Consulting in email and social media marketing, account management, 24×7 support and a full service either at onsite or off-site.
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