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Is your email creative mobile ready?

We are increasingly moving towards a connected and perpetually active world. More and more people are beginning to depend on mobile devices to work, play or stay connected to what matters to them. As a result it is not surprising to know that people are gradually depending more on their smart phones or other smart devices to perform their favourite activities on the internet, one of them being: checking emails.

Research shows that 41% of mobile owners have made a purchase as a direct result of an email viewed on a mobile device. On the other hand as much as 63% of customers might close and forget about non-mobile friendly messages.

As a result, you the marketer, can no longer avoid the fact that your customers might experience your email communication on multiple devices, and that your creative might not be optimized enough to support all devices and environments.

One crude solution is to investigate the affinity of your customers for various devices and prepare several version of your email campaign optimised for each device. This not so bright method, fails to address the challenge that at least some of your customers might check emails on multiple devices. Some might show a pattern, others might not. The complexity just continues to increase.

A smart way of addressing this challenge would be to optimise your email creative in such a way that it is intuitive enough to provide the most optimized viewing experience to your customers on any given device.

Email optimization for mobile devices


Well, there are more than one ways of achieving mobile optimization, the desirable method depends on the layout of your creative, the content, the call to action etc. among other things.

Get in touch to learn more about how Kenscio can help optimise your email campaigns for multiple devices, operating systems and browsers.


Kenscio expands its clientele base in India

Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, a digital direct marketing company, today announced leading names like HDFC Life, Pearson Group and Intuit as its new clients, among others. With a world class technology platform and in depth expertise in digital direct marketing solutions and analytics, Kenscio’s clientele now covers India’s leading companies across sectors. Since its inception four years ago, Kenscio has increasingly proven its exponential growth and potential in the digital direct marketing segment and is keen on foraying into the financial sector as a part of its strategy.

Manjunatha K.G, Co-founder and CEO, Kenscio Digital, said, “Having names like HDFC, Pearson Group and Intuitas as our clients is a part of Kenscio’s growth strategy plan which make us stronger in the market as well. This reflects our thriving business and financial performance y-o-y”.

Saurav Patnaik, Co-founder & Vice President, Marketing, Kenscio Digital, added, “Kenscio today provides best-in-class products, solutions and expertise needed to create a successful multi-channel marketing campaign and segmentation strategy that connects strongly with your consumers. With the help of our stronger presence and expanding teams, we are getting the best talent on board in terms of strategists, retailists, etc, to provide support to customers across India.”

About Kenscio:

Founded in early 2009 by digital marketing experts, Manjunatha K G, Ragy Thomas, Saurav Patnaik and Sunny Saxena, Kenscio is among India’s early pioneering companies providing digital direct marketing solutions and services. With a combination of a world-class multi-channel marketing platform and in-depth expertise and experience in digital marketing, Kenscio is uniquely positioned within the broader digital marketing space in India today. It is among the few players to effectively plan, develop, manage and execute digital one-to-one communication campaigns for a large number of reputed brands in the BFSI, retail, ecommerce, media and NGO sectors in India.


Subscribers are like Volcanoes

Subscribers come in all shapes and sizes, however, its not how they look and weigh that is important; but how they behave and interact (with you, the marketer). And it is in this respect that subscribers are very much like volcanoes.

Like volcanoes, subscribers can also be classified as: Erupting, Active, Dormant, and Extinct.

Erupting volcanoes burst with activity and are vital for life and earth’s ecology. Similarly, such subscribers are very important for the success of your email marketing campaigns. They engage, convert and respond to you with least effort.

Active volcanoes have great potential to erupt. Similarly, subscribers who seem calm but have been full of activity in the recent past can easily be re-ignited with the right communication and targeted content.

Dormant volcanoes are volcanoes that used to be active but haven’t shown any signs of activity in the recent past. Such subscribers are like a Question Mark, your efforts should be focused at trying not to lose them. With careful communication and re-engagement strategies you should be able to win some back.

Extinct volcanoes have no history of eruption in considerable past and are not expected to erupt in comparable time scale of future. Subscribers that fall under this category, unfortunately only add cosmetic value to your database (Size!). They are cost heads that hardly provide any return and worse; they can even affect your sender reputation and deliverability.

Identifying such segments is the first step towards defining your communication strategy for your subscribers. By classifying subscribers into appropriate buckets you’ll be able to channel your efforts to:

– Ensure Erupting subscribers stay Erupting

– Push Active subscribers to move to the Erupting state

– Convert the Dormant subscribers to become Active and consequently Erupting

With careful and infrequent communication identify how many Extinct might still be Dormant.

On paper this approach looks simple and elegant, but how do we ensure that at a given time of day we have the most updated information on these segments? In other words, your subscribers will keep jumping from one category to another, how do we ensure that every jump is recorded and tagged in real time?

Well, we have a super awesome magic potion just for this very purpose, get in touch and one of our wizards will fix this up for you in no time.



The Countdown Begins: Fun Fight “Man Vs Wild”

Live & Exclusive:”15th December-17th December”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” —Lot many of you would support this idea but what are the parameters to calculate beauty? All hands down — O_o —Never thought!

Well Beauty is where you don’t have to apply your brain 😛 with boozers blossoming like a fresh red rose.

Same goes for the Jim Corbett National Park which i  s to be conquered by the Alexanders and  Cleopatras of Kenscio.

Just to poise the intensity of the battle-Jim Corbett Park—No introduction required—the name itself depicts the glory,the beauty and the adventure of the fairy tales of wildlife destination. Rising Sun saluting you, Beautiful nature pleasing your eyes–energetic activities enhancing the spirit to live life like a bravo—deep green dense forest offering you to come across with some unique celestial creatures & a group of rivers- washing all your sins without your confessions.

Get Up the boozer Warriors (Kenscians)-Let’s join hands facing these beasts.

Catch you guys over the next blog post conquering the fun battle  🙂

Yours Sincerely

Vinny (Media Team)


Are you ready for Christmas?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just departing on the horizon, they mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the west. However, in India this coincidentally lines up with the auspicious wedding dates.

While gold traders look forward to this time with childish glee, smart marketers plan and strategise to get their share of the festive action!

If you haven’t yet started, your first step is to define what you want out of the festive season?

Whether it is increasing order sizes, acquiring more customers, or turning the non transacting subscribers into customers; now is the time for you to plan to achieve your goals and deliver a strong finish to the year end.

Let us look at some of the possible goals you might pursue (among other things):

1. Sell to more of your prospects (increase conversion rates)

2. Sell more to your existing customers (increase order size)

3. Get more subscribers you can market to (Increase your list size)

4. Maximise the opportunity to talk to your customers as they shop

Whatever it is that your heart (or shareholders) desires; Kenscio is here to help you achieve that. So why not get in touch and ask for your free copy of our Christmas / 2012 year end marketing tips and tricks? 🙂


The Funkadelic Office Party!

“NOV 14th”….It was a regular day at work in the morning…but when all of us trainess Prajhna, Sanjeevini, Bhaskar & me, were asked to wrap up all our work soon and come for a meeting, we were a bit nervous.To our relief, the meeting went well. It was the first “All Hands meeting” we attended. Manju Sir share a   alot of info on the plans for the next quarter and the company’s vision. Very very encouraging and exciting for us new joinees……….. and then a surprise – we were taken out for some fun.

YIEPpieeeee pardy time  ….:)

The caravan of cars & bikes excitedly drove, we with our Boss Amit sir,  towards Ameoba Sports bar at Leele Palace…WoW…”THE AWESOME PLACE”…Now this is where the big time fun began:)…….

People from different teams greeted each other with a cute smile on their face;)There were Kumaran, Abhijeet, Akshath, Ashwini & Chaitra already practicing…we started with the drinks of our choice and moved towards the game with full enthusiasm.

It was fun watchin people rolling the ball to drain and hiding their faces in total embarrassment. I was into that group..hehe ;p :p :p…we also had some good players like Amit sir, Manju sir, Abhijeet sir,Moiz n Suhas who cleared the alley in one strike :O..

“BOWLING n BOOZE set the Mood for the Evening”


After loosing some energy in bowling n laugh it was time to recharge our body.we left to “OYE AMRITSAR” restaurant where the tables were already reserved,but before we hit the seats a “Foos Ball” table  grabbed our attention!!!…

“It was CHiLDren’s DAY we were still in the mood to play:):):)”

We Played…Played untill we lost all our energy and settled down for the dinner with lotz of fun filled talks ,Manju sir shared his college n other experience which was really interesting n Amit sir’s mind blowing jokes spiced up  our conversation:):):)……dinner was started with yummy soup n was done with the dessert.


” It was time to get hiiiigh…..:)”
CoOOOOol weather,Chilled beer,Delicious fooood along with the Fantabulously Fantastic people of Kenscio made the evening to Cherish for long time……….

”  AnydaY can be Fun day with us……..
we work Hard n Pardy even harder:):)…”

Vidya PS


Another day at Kenscio Delhi Office- Vinni Abhishek

Now this is just the flat-out funniest blog I’ve ever been privileged to write dedicating a young lass Called Richa: Our campaign management Specialist (Refer to the girl in frame), a bagful of enormous talent with the gift of the gab deeply rooted in her blood. It never fails to make me laugh. And when I say laugh, I mean it almost never fails to make me double over laughing.

Not even a single incident on the planet have managed to escape her and every time she has got some links attached to the bits occurring in the world irrespective of the kinds of Barrack Obama to Rakesh Bhaiya serving tea in the red cup (Our Office Boy) and the icing on the cake is happenings of things on places like Chandigarh or Ambala more often than not.

“Han Han meri Na 1 didi hai WO v laal cup me hi chai deti hai sabo ko” or Mera na ek dost hai wo bhi America me rehta hai as if uske bol dene se Her didi would be deputed as our Office Girl or referring her friend as the Potential President of U.S”

In times to come, a declaration is floating in the air “All the words uttered by Richa(Refer to the girl in frame) are completely fictitious and have no resemblance to the real life”

But as the saying goes, “In the end its the end what matters the most”. With full of entertainment stuffs and coolness she is the one who helps us reduce the stress and make the workplace more enjoyable.

Kudos to the Sense of Humour in you !!Keep the tempo Going J


Vinni Abhishek

Media Team


Give Customers the Power of Choice

Nothing is permanent except change.

Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)           

People change and so do their interests, habits, hobbies etc. Hence, it’s safe to assume that your email subscribers will change. The question is whether you can adapt to this change.

Acknowledging this change doesn’t require you to revamp your email strategy every time your subscribers profile changes, instead it requires your email program to be flexible enough to let them choose what is right for them.

Research shows that subscribers (customers) will choose to maintain a deeper and long lasting relationship with you, when they are given the power of choice.

Furthermore, enabling subscribers to make choices makes them feel that they are in control and that they have the ability to dictate what and when they wish to hear from you. This increases the likelihood that they’ll look forward to your email messages and increases the chances that they’ll respond.

This is the power of preferences.

What are Preferences?

Preferences are what that differentiates your subscribers. These are information about your subscribers that allow you to tailor your communication to suit their needs. For example, some might eagerly look forward to a daily promotional mailer, where as other might find these annoying. Similarly, you may have various product or service to offer and your subscribers will prefer some over others.

email preference center

Customer Preferences

What is an Email Preference Center?

An Email Preference Center allows your recipients to easily change their subscription details. This might include content type, frequency, interests in various offerings, ability to opt down or opt out etc.

Hidden Potential?

Preference Center gives you a means to know more about your subscribers. In addition to the basic information that is captured at the time of sign up, your preference center enables you to collect important information that will help improve and nurture your relationship with your subscribers.

Furthermore, marketers who use preference centers are more successful at retaining un-subscribers than the ones who don’t…


Get in touch to obtain your copy of the complete whitepaper on Email Preference Center or speak to one of our consultants today to see how you can improve your email marketing programs with the power of Preference Center.


Opportunity at Kenscio: Marketing Communication Specialist

Position:  Marketing Communications Specialist

Education: A minimum of bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising or communications

Experience: 2 – 3 Years

Role Overview: We are looking for a Marketing Communications Specialist in Bangalore, who will work closely with and be an integral part of external communication function at Kenscio.  The role involves execution of marketing campaigns and programs. The person should have the intellectual rigour and flair to make complex and technical subject matter understandable and compelling to the audience they are aimed at.

Skills: The person must be highly organized and creative and must possess advanced communication and writing skills. In addition, the person must have a fair understanding of the Internet industry and Digital Marketing. Lastly, the Marketing Communications Specialist must be proficient with Microsoft Office tools and other desktop publishing software.

Key Responsibilities:

§  Some experience in external communication at a technology company targeting B2B customers.

§  Proven experience of working on external communication campaigns that support business objectives and produce measurable improvements in business performance

§  Ability to successfully work on simultaneous  projects with excellent time management skills

§  Prepare Case Studies, Whitepapers and Industry Reports

§  Manage the Kenscio Newsletter, and continuously make efforts to make it exciting and engaging for target audience

§  IT Literacy and basic understanding of Digital Marketing is a must

– Email :

– Phone : 080-42042734


Opportunity at Kenscio – Manager, Client Success

Manager, Client Success – Gurgaon / Bangalore

Kenscio’s  Client success team works in a fast-paced environment and within the expanding digital direct marketing space. As Manager Client Success  your task is taking ownership of qualitative and quantitative targets for key accounts handled from Gurgaon / Bangalore. You will be responsible for ensuring clients are on boarded, retained and serviced in long term, mutually beneficial profitable relationships, maintaining excellent level of service delivery and opportunities to up and cross sell. You will be involved in senior level day-to-day business contact for some of the biggest brands in Loyalty, eCommerce and Travel. You will be expected to analyse and present, pitch to CXOs, Marketing Teams, Technical Teams & Entrepreneurs alike.

The Manager Client Success will ensure that the clients remain satisfied with the level of service they receive from Kenscio  by proactively identifying incremental improvements that can be made to their marketing programmes.

We are looking for individuals with a minimum of 2 years-experience in client facing Account  Management, probably from a digital and / or direct marketing agency. With a keen interest in technology, you must not only understand but have proven experience in delivering digital direct marketing initiatives.

Key Result Areas:

  • To understand the clients’ goals.
  • Create relationships within the client’s organisations at all levels including; CXOs, direct users of our platforms, and decision makers.
  • The ability to develop and fulfil plans for each account to help them achieve their goals with the use of Kenscio’s products & services.
  • Scope, Pitch and close up-sell opportunities that help your clients to achieve their objectives.
  • Oversee the execution of all cross or up-sell projects being carried out by Project Management team.
  • Manage and drive effective on-boarding of new clients
  • Assist the Business Development team in new business pitches.
  • Maintenance and development of client relationships & account management of ‘ day-to-day operations
  • Act as a mentor to Juniors, Executives – Client Success. Supporting them in their development and ensuring that they provide their accounts with a high level of service.
  • Provide detailed reporting to Kenscio’s  Management. SWOT analysis, Performance Analysis, Scale up, Upsell & Cross Sell opportunities.
  • Help build case studies and collateral with the Marketing team.

To apply or for more information on job openings or any clarification feel free to contact our HR
– Email :
– Phone : 080-42042734


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