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Animated GIFs in Email

It’s Show Time!

GIFs ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ are becoming the favorite image format for most of the Marketers who want to tag a tad bit of fun to their message. It isn’t a  surprise if we have to believe that GIFs have witnessed increased clickthroughs and customer engagement like Anna Yeaman at Style Campaign demonstrated how an animated video preview that has lifted her campaign’s click-rate by 26%.

This hasn’t stopped the Marketers to take no time in realizing its effectiveness as they carry delight to the campaign and resolutely add elements of fun, surprise; enticing the customers without deviating them from the objective or call to actions.

GIF was first developed by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe in 1987. The popular animated GIFs initially were the waving flags and flames. But what really took them on board is the Web 2.0 evolution that is when people started using animated GIFs in different ways at different places across the internet. In fact GIFs and CSS animations are the only way to add moving images, given the poor video support across the most popular email clients.

Animated GIFs enjoy support in all major email clients, with the exception being Windows Phone 7 and newer versions of Outlook (2007+).The following chart provides a comparison of animated GIF and CSS3 animation.

FireShot Screen Capture #098 - 'Email Client Support for Animated GIFs' - _C__Users_Admin_Downloads_GIF_htmlBid farewell to those conventional static emails and increase the effectiveness of your email campaign with animated GIFs and CSS3 Animation.

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(Contributed by: Mr. Monikandan. R, Senior Project Manager, Kenscio Digital)


Guide to a Better HTML Email Design – Part 18

17. Rich Media/Flash in Email Message

The consensus on using rich media in emails is: Just don’t do it. Most email clients do not support Flash or other types of rich media. If JavaScript is needed to launch the rich media, it is often stripped out due to security concerns. If you must use animation, use an animated GIF, but watch the file size. If you’ve developed a really cool rich media application you want to showcase, include a link to a Web-hosted version, which gives you more control and broader browser acceptance.

The animated gif’s will not be displayed on outlook, When you receive an e-mail message that contains animated graphics, such as animated .gif files, only a static image appears on outlook.

You can also look at converting your flash files to animated gif images and then link to the flash website through the link click, so that users can visit the web page for a good streaming experience.

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