“NOV 14th”….It was a regular day at work in the morning…but when all of us trainess Prajhna, Sanjeevini, Bhaskar & me, were asked to wrap up all our work soon and come for a meeting, we were a bit nervous.To our relief, the meeting went well. It was the first “All Hands meeting” we attended. Manju Sir share a   alot of info on the plans for the next quarter and the company’s vision. Very very encouraging and exciting for us new joinees……….. and then a surprise – we were taken out for some fun.

YIEPpieeeee pardy time  ….:)

The caravan of cars & bikes excitedly drove, we with our Boss Amit sir,  towards Ameoba Sports bar at Leele Palace…WoW…”THE AWESOME PLACE”…Now this is where the big time fun began:)…….

People from different teams greeted each other with a cute smile on their face;)There were Kumaran, Abhijeet, Akshath, Ashwini & Chaitra already practicing…we started with the drinks of our choice and moved towards the game with full enthusiasm.

It was fun watchin people rolling the ball to drain and hiding their faces in total embarrassment. I was into that group..hehe ;p :p :p…we also had some good players like Amit sir, Manju sir, Abhijeet sir,Moiz n Suhas who cleared the alley in one strike :O..

“BOWLING n BOOZE set the Mood for the Evening”


After loosing some energy in bowling n laugh it was time to recharge our body.we left to “OYE AMRITSAR” restaurant where the tables were already reserved,but before we hit the seats a “Foos Ball” table  grabbed our attention!!!…

“It was CHiLDren’s DAY we were still in the mood to play:):):)”

We Played…Played untill we lost all our energy and settled down for the dinner with lotz of fun filled talks ,Manju sir shared his college n other experience which was really interesting n Amit sir’s mind blowing jokes spiced up  our conversation:):):)……dinner was started with yummy soup n was done with the dessert.


” It was time to get hiiiigh…..:)”
CoOOOOol weather,Chilled beer,Delicious fooood along with the Fantabulously Fantastic people of Kenscio made the evening to Cherish for long time……….

”  AnydaY can be Fun day with us……..
we work Hard n Pardy even harder:):)…”

Vidya PS