11. Create a Web Version of Your Email Newsletter


Although the vast majority of email clients and email Web interfaces (e.g., Yahoo, Hotmail) render HTML correctly, your recipients could be using an older version of Lotus Notes or AOL, which might not render your images properly. Giving readers a link to a Web version or offering a text option ensures recipients see the message as you intended.
Three tips:

  1. Include a “View Online version of this message” link at the top of your email. Also, include a link to the Web version in the footer or admin area of your email message. The link can automatically direct to a Web-hosted version (your email software should be able to automatically generate this link for you) or to a link to your Website where you’ve posted the message (perhaps along with back issues for newsletters). Most of the Kenscio clients report that approximately 4% of recipients click on the Web version link. This is a significant number if you have a large list.
  2. Include “Format Preference (HTML or Text)” on your opt-in form. Also, include a note worded like this: “Choose text if you use Eudora Light, Eudora Pro 3 and below, Lotus Notes versions below R5 or AOL 5.0 and under”.
  3. Include a link to a Profile Update page allowing recipients to change their preferred format from HTML to text at any time in the future.


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