Competitive Intelligence

Gauge your campaign performance,
in real-time.

Competitive Intelligence

Gauge your campaign performance,
in real-time.

What is competitive Intelligence?

  • 1,7oo,ooo consumer email inboxes,
  • Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail globally
  • Updated daily with new data
  • Available within 24 hours
  • Interactive charts
  • For competitive benchmark
  • Customized single view dashboard
  • For quick analysis

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Our insights provide robust competitive intelligence and influential engagement metrics that show how customers are engaging with your competitors’ offer. With this information, you can optimize your message and propel your email marketing strategy for engagement and growth.


Smarter Marketing means doing better in driving the engagement, building strong and meaningful relationships, customer loyalty, driving more responses and increasing revenue by taking the next step to optimize your email campaign.
How do you make sure your emails stand out in the inbox, from your competitor?
The percentage of subscribers who receive email from your competitors?
The most compelling offers in your business or industry?
Which other brands are emailing your target audience and competing for their attention?
Which days of the week are the busiest email days for your target audience?

Gain an Insider’s View of your competition’s email strategy

Kenscio Competitive Intelligence lets clients to access share of voice among its competitors. Utilize these metrics to drill down into specific time periods to identify trends in mailing patterns and opportunities to stand out in the inbox.
Frequency and offer type analysis
Benchmark frequency and enagement metrics against competitors and see the emails competing for attention. With the ability to spot key events and view top partner offers and top performing domains, marketers can make informed decisions.

Identify industry trends

Deliverability and engagement metrics

Learn what factors may affect inbox placement and engagement such as subject line and day of the week. Measure the message engagement in terms of Read Rate and Delete Rate of the messages. Observe the Email Deployment trend of the brands in the competition.

Deliverability Metrics

Inbox Rate

The ratio of emails placed in the inbox as a percent of the total sent.

Spam Rate

The ratio of emails placed in spam as a percent of the total sent.

engagement Metrics

Read Rate

The ratio of emails read as a percent of total sent.

Read and Delete Rate

The ratio of emails read and then deleted as a percent of the total sent.

Delete w/o Read Rate

The ratio of emails deleted without being read as a percent of the total sent.

inbox placement analysis
Use these views to assess competitors success and audit your own email quality and partner compliance. Find out the Deliverability of the brands, Subscribers overlapping and much more.
subject word performance
Analyze the subject lines based on the competition and the popular keywords.

Email Creatives

View actual content and design for campaigns across industries. Monitor best practices for creative strategy in User Experience, Design, Layout, Graphics, Content and Offers.

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