Kenscio Named Owler ‘HOT in 2016’ Winner in Bangalore


Bangalore – NOVEMBER 23, 2016​ – Kenscio was recognized as one among 93 businesses to receive ‘2016 HOT In Bangalore’ Award conferred by Owler. Owler recognizes the top trending companies in cities around the world. They filtered through more than 15 million companies and picked 4,500 award winners across 600 cities worldwide. The selection was done from Owler’s community in Bangalore that features 5,100+ registered Bangalore companies.

Recipients were chosen based on several different metrics, including number of followers on Owler, insights collected from our community, social media followers, and blog posts over the past year.

“We’ve sorted through database of millions of contributions from our community and landed on the top trending companies from around the world,” said Jim Fowler, CEO at Owler. “Being Hot In 2016 is an accomplishment to be proud of.”

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About Owler: Owler is the crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform that business professionals use to outsmart their competition, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts. Owler is powered by an active community of 800K business professionals that contribute unique business insights such as competitors, private company revenue, and CEO ratings.

Launched in 2014, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, Owler is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Coimbatore, India. To know more, visit


The CMO Revolution in 2016

Over the past 3 years, than ever before, the role of CMO has been through significant change and 2016 is shaping up to be no less transformative. Marketing professionals will be pressured to deliver measurable business outcomes, driving the need to formalise the customers’ path from digital marketing engagement to purchase. The role of the CMO is changing significantly and how! While a lot has been said and written about the strategic focus required by marketing heads in 2016, here is our immersive view of the same. This reflects the thoughts and opinions of marketing leaders, analysts and industry commentators!

CMO Revolution in 2016 - Kenscio

The 5 key trends predicted to drive the role of CMO to take you through 2016:

1. Get even more tech-savvy or make the CTO your BFF

Experts agree that technical and analytical skills top the most highly needed specialisations for CMOs in 2016. If you can’t do it yourself, make the CTO your most trusted ally!!
A marketing tech officer or specialist will be someone in high demand as CMOs realise the power of tech and how it can play a part in driving forward. One would need to see how to build those technical skills internally within the organisation or recruit them. The role of data-driven marketing, automation and lifecycle programmes and other innovations lean heavily on technology. As a result, to be successful as a CMO, having an analytical and technical background is becoming increasingly important.
The CMO is an important member of the executive board and has to work closely with the CFO, CTO, and CEO. For traditional CMOs, it’s indispensable to prepare to get on top of topics such as performance marketing, business intelligence, marketing automation, and at times even be able to perform basic SQL queries.

According to global director of a marketing automation company, CMOs are investing more time and resources into technology, and will soon have larger budgets than CIOs, if they don’t have already.
In 2015 Two-thirds of marketers planned to increase their technology spend and we believe that this perfectly mirrors the expansive marketing technology landscape we envisaged. Investment in technology is reaching new heights every year, and it’s all due to the new ways in which marketing teams are adopting technologies like CRM, CMS, marketing operations automation, data management platforms, search and social measurement tools.

2. Focus on Customer-obsessed growth via a Personalised approach

The next 12 months will see the” CMO working more closely with the Data & Analytics, BI, UX & UI teams together as predictions point to a widening in the customer obsession gap, according to Forrester. Leaders will graduate toward a customer-obsessed operating model, while laggards will aimlessly push forward with flawed digital priorities and disjointed operations.

In the analyst firm’s 2016 marketing predictions report, it claimed CIOs, CMOs and customer experience leaders will rally to achieve customer-obsessed growth by adopting human-centred design and data analytics to deliver exceptional experiences.
The marketer’s nirvana is being able to personalise. Being able to market exactly to the target customer. This would require the unification of data-booth demographic and activity level – around the customer, including social media, transaction activity, website clicks, downloads and more. Unified view of the customer and being able to address the customer-empowered with this knowledge is the path to communication nirvana.

3. The growth of Mobile and Social Channels

While Traditional Digital Channels (yes there are some ! ) continue to evolve alternate channels viz. mobile & social will be far more significant in 2016. Mobile innovations continue to fuel opportunities for greater reach and better customer experiences – mobile first services & solutions are expected to continue into 2016 as customers demand a more seamless fully digital experience. In the face of this fresh mobile wave, CMOs need to have a mobile-first mind-set in order to be nimbler and agiler moving forward. Examples of this are evident in the mobile payments space as digital wallets gain traction.
Moving away from traditional marketing to digital marketing front, marketers need to think about how they start engaging across multi-channels more effectively. Addressing customers’ A-I-D-A on a mobile device alone is a lot harder, so the choice of channel is equally important hence Social Engagement.
In fact – it is advisable to create a communication strategy to be able to optimise conversion across the board and to not treat social networks, emails, SMS, calls, and other channels in an isolated manner. CMOs must get their teams to understand – Cross Device Behaviour, Unify consistent communication across touch points and measure performance as well as efficacy of each channel for each customer thereby aim to communicate with each customer in the way that they would most like to hear from the brand.

4. Evaluate a mixed Click & Brick approach

Access anywhere – anytime is what the customer expects in 2016 and the CMO has to think on those lines. Marketers in the retail space will need to embrace Omni-channel strategies if they want to face the challenges of these new behaviours. As expectations evolve when it comes to delivery – for example, the increasingly popular ‘click and collect’ option, could be an option. Some delivery examples like Tube / Underground Metro routes have been tested and worked very well in 2015.
Using Omni – channel strategies – to meet the demands of the modern consumer – enables the design of ultra-personalised and effective loyalty, as well as targeted promotions that will increase sales. There will be a strong need for marketers in the retail industry to employ substantial omnichannel and cross-channel solutions in order to meet the demands of the modern consumer. CMOs will
need to explore In-store technology & experiences that will create a seamless journey for the customer regardless of how they interact with the brand.

5. Innovate to differentiate

It’s the same target customer that every brand is targeting. How then would the CMO get his dollar to go a longer distance? Not just that. This dollar needs to work harder than and before the other guys’ does.
With all things being equal the only differentiator available is Innovation. The approach could be Disruptive, Tactical, Technical, Immersive, Omni-Channel, Multi-Channel, Traditional + Digital, Global + Local – regardless. The vital ingredient that will differentiate winners from laggards will be Innovation. CMOs need to focus on harnessing technology & channels, knowledge & information to deliver innovation. While the technology is there to complement and support existing marketing efforts, we are seeing the rate at which technology is evolving is also pushing CMOs to think, plan, engage and most importantly innovate with customers in new ways.
Partnering with leading Innovative solution providers recognised innovators and thought leaders is the ideal head start that a CMO can give his/her brands.
The New Year brings 12 months of constant change, 52 weeks of innovation, 366 days of collaboration and strongest bond yet between the Dual helix of Marketing & Technology in the DNA of the CMO. May the force be with us!!

Amit Sarna
Vice President – Client Success & Partnership
Kenscio Digital



When I was younger ( about 15…….okay a lifetime ago ! ) and first fell in love….I would often look at my girlfriend and ask her WDILYSM? ( Why Do I Love You So Much?) and then we’d talk hours on the reasons. She loved these conversations ( for they flattered her so ) and for me – somewhere, subconsciously, it reinforced the belief that we were right for each other. We got married after a decade of the first time I asked her that question and in the 16 years since, I get different answers to this question every time it comes up …..WDILYSM?

So, I began asking this question to myself whenever I found something that endeared me – places that I fell in love with, food that I wanted to keep having, Long Island Iced Teas, chilled craft beers, barbecued chicken wings and more…..surely, in time, this trickled down to my work in general.

What also happened is that since my work involved Direct Communication, I could not help but flip this question and allow the brand or the product in the proposition to ask the very same question to its audience. Drilling it down to the most recent object of my affection – Digital Direct Marketing, well eMail Marketing in particular. So I got down to it and tried to figure out what endears someone to engage with communication sent to him. What I realized was that there is almost a one on one analogy. With apologies to the bard of Avon for the tweak “Why do I love thee – let me count the ways”.

Here’s a list of a few things that would endear a communicator or communication to the recipient.

The Subject Line – crack this and you’ve found a place in the heart !

Subject line – opening line – conversation starter or ice breaker it’s one or all of these. For what all reasons would someone ever ‘like’ a subject line leave alone LOVE it?

  • It had an actionable in it. An action I’d love to see myself taking.

Eg. Take Mum to the movies this weekend – for free! Instead of Buy one get one free.

  • It showed me a value that others did not

Eg. Why don’t you compare the emotional quotient of “Save your kids eyes from the summer sun with sunglasses from xyz” with that of “kids sunglasses at 40% off” < Thank you Saurav Patnaik>

  • It was personalised with Demographic information and some sort of buying behaviour :

Roses are Red Violets are Blue – This email Amit or <Insert First Name> comes especially for you.

Eg. Compare “Amit, Save your kids eyes from the summer sun with sunglasses from xyz” with “kids sunglasses at 40% off”

Tip : Personalised subject lines are served best with segmented mailers ! Accompanied by relevant content this is one potent combination for a loyal following and interested subscriber base. By the way I’m going to delve into segmentation for success in another post Divide and Rule <coming soon>

  • It was honest

Eg. A subject line like Upto 90% off on Major Brands and the proposition saying conditions apply in fine print is nothing but dishonest. I’d open it the first time but I’d surely build an image of a sly – you told me you’d give me something but you shoved me some something else – seller.

The Body – as the cliché goes – beauty is not always skin deep !

If you’ve caught the interest with the subject line, your open rates would have risen, try the hook now.

The content must always be relevant, never vague and always fresh.

  • Love at first sight: If you can generate content that is relevant to recipient, presented such that it renders perfectly in the device the recipient is holding, you’re making an impression. It is important to plan how the communication looks and its Usability on mobile as well as desktop devices.

Eg: Number of navigation tabs can be lesser in the mobile version of a mailer.

Tip : Responsive Design, Adaptive Design, Scalable design are important new developments that you just cannot ignore.

Rendering tests using special responsive design tools is important in today’s context. A very large percentage of the mailers are rejected at first sight because they did not render correctly in the device the recipient used.

  • Come Hither looks: A strategically placed, above the fold call to action is akin to the ‘come hither’ enticement or the ‘talk to me’ smile that one seeks. It tempts the reader to take an action. Visit the webpage, call the number, click on the link….

Tip: Testing the location of a Call to Action button or link using an A/B Split will be a good idea. See that your ESP can help you with that.

  • Strike it while it’s hot: Long body copy will not bring any additional returns. Even if you have more content, push the reader to a landing page after a teaser on the email. Remember, you have 8 seconds before the reader begins to fade out. That’s how long it takes to create the impact and ask for the action!!
  • It’s not me it’s you: The content should talk of benefits to the recipient not the features or strengths or functions that you – the brand or marketer – are offering. The more you use the term You, Your…. In your mailer, the more you sound appealing to the reader.
  • I changed myself for you: Today, there are emails that will push content based on the Device, Location, Weather, Date, Time and other factors. This content can be different and as individual as the person receiving it. That level of personalisation is endearing. Will always draw an “awww!!” from the object of your attention.

Tip: Look for Real Time Personalisation tools. They will help create that zebra print experience for each recipient. Hundreds of possible variants, will bring huge stickiness to your campaigns. Also, follow up trial campaigns with this technology with survey mailers to find out if you made an impression.

So, I shared some of my reasons to love a piece of communication……. What are yours?

(Contributed by: Mr. Amit Sarna, Vice President-Client Success & Partnerships, Kenscio Digital)


Inbox by Gmail: 6 implicit facts for Marketers

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail









“It’s a better way to get back to what matters… ” (Official Blog, Google)

An Explicitly correct statement that reflects what Inbox by Gmail is intended to impart to the users. But, what are the implicit rationales for marketers?

“The Inbox that works for you” essentially points towards the horizon where Email marketing is heading to. After the recent introduction of Grid view of Gmail promotion tab, this new development re-emphasizes the need of redevising the strategy that facilitates the way your brands talk to customers.

A snapshot of the new features:

Bundle of Emails: That’s how it sounds, it’s more about “Segmentation” of the huge number of Emails on the basis of certain selected criteria such as promos, Purchases, Trips etc. So, this is more about segmenting the emails based on actionable points (promos), undergoing actions (Purchases/delivery status) and custom actions-as labelled by users.

Important Highlights: It highlights important “Updates” from Emails such as delivery status, flight status etc. without having to open the mail. It is the Real-time feature of the Email.

Reminder: You will be able set your priorities by having a reminder in your inbox so as to avoid missing them out in the stipulated time. It will also provide required information for the same. For example, if you plan to have your dinner in a nearby restaurant, you can keep it as reminder in Inbox. It will also tell you whether it is open at any point of time. Once you book your seat online, you will also see a locational map of the restaurant in your confirmation mail.

Snooze your messages and reminders: This will facilitate in setting up your priorities to a later time or location. It will highlight your message as reminder at the stop in the assigned time.

And here are 6 Implicit Facts:

1)      Contextual: All emails are not equally important, so Gmail intends to help users in automated ways. Contextual marketing is becoming more and more important for a successful Email Marketing program.

2)      Urgency: In a fast moving world, marketers have to address the time factor associated with any live promotion/campaign. Catch the attention of your consumers before time expires.

3)      Priority: Amidst hundreds of tasks, actions awaiting user’s attention the inbox, Emails will now get prioritised as per the user. Thriving to get maximum priority through well-strategized email marketing effort will be the trigger to success.

4)      Real-time Marketing: This one is interesting and perhaps, the most significant aspect of Inbox. Live information feed from external resources such as external websites, data-base etc. implies arrival of live, fresh and dynamic features in Email marketing. Future marketing communications will happen on the fly.

5)      Perfect Content: Email automation is becoming more and more important. In fact, these new features of Inbox will ask for new Email Content Mechanism. Google is yet to reveal any specifications (if there is, at all) to remain contextual with well-developed HTML content.

6)      Success Matrix: If the inbox itself reveals much of the information about the Email through Subject Lines/thumbnails, what will define the success rate? For example, if an E-commerce company runs a time bound campaign, subscribers will be able to see it on priority, or can snooze it for later. In that case, what will be the success matrix? One thing is for sure, open rate will be affected and would require additional information to assess the performance. After all, the inbox itself will reveal most of the important information for contextual mails.

Connect with us and explore in-depth about how Email Innovations are delivering excellence through real-time Email Marketing and Contextual Marketing.


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