Infographics- Email Marketing: The Journey so far…

Infographics- Email Marketing: The Journey so far



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Responsive who?


Cross-screen Engagement (Responsive Design)

To answer that – Well, every major brand and enterprise, practically everyone who is serious about their digital efforts paying off is going responsive. Chant “Stop, look and go responsive“.

One size fits all is a catch phrase even the clothing industry is weaning off of.

Stop thinking in terms of web pages and email templates, its’ time to start thinking browsers, devices and platforms. There is an ever-increasing onslaught of novelty in hardware, and screen sizes are moving from large, medium, and small to everything in between. We are left with no choice but to turn to a fluid design in our content.

There are numerous statistics to show that mobile penetration is surpassing all device usage records. Almost 90% urban India is suitably equipped to access and consume digital content across platforms and devices. Companies therefore must respond and change the way this content is being served.

Why Responsive?

Effective Time Spent on Content

Instead of multiple fixed width layouts, serve fluid grid layouts. Images, copy and call to actions are sized up perfectly to suit the device and platform. Consumers spend less time zooming in and out or scrolling sideways and more time actually engaging with your brand through the website or email.


Email templates created with a responsive design are known to show twice as much engagement as traditional email. Given the fact that a growing majority mobile users are accessing emails on mobile, it’s imperative that your brand and message is not just visible but clear and conspicuous and designed to fit!

Avoid accidental clicks

It will drastically reduce the rate of unwarranted or accidental click-through. Customers who intend to click on a certain call to action will do so based on pure intent and not mistakenly land up their trying to navigate on an unresponsive design. Thus your metrics convey a truer picture.

How Responsive?

 There are specialists in the field offering custom web designs, email designs to suit every budget. Large enterprises have teams and agencies.

 We at Kenscio specialize in offering you the best in class responsive email design, suited and booted to your specifications with turnaround times that surpass industry standards- Pixel perfect magic at your service!

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(Contributed by: Arzoo Amrita Mann, Sr. Manager – Client Success, Kenscio)


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