cater to the alling attention spans

It took me 3 attempts to complete this sentence. I was distracted by 2 emails including one promotional, one a WhatsApp message and a Facebook notification.

We’re surrounded by devices – the growing barrage of alerts notifications tweets and whatnots is deafening – not to mention – alarming!

Where does that leave an email marketer – who has to address a prospect with an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish – I’m serious!! Check it here 

Before I lose you to the next diversion, let’s focus on the following:

1) Subject Lines

  • Cut the frills
  • Talk shop
  • Limited Adjectives

2) Call to action

  • 1st one as close to the top 20% of the creative
  • 1 to 4 call to action buttons
  • Try to use Call to Action buttons to distinguish behavior

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3) Use advanced techniques

  • Countdown timers, inventory counters etc.

4) Use Social Proofing

  • exhibit social proofing
  • avoid luring the prospect away from the proposition to other social media links

If you’ve reached here, some of my pointers have worked.

Leave an Aye on this post and come back for more tips.

(Contributed by Mr. Amit Sarna, AVP – Client Success, Kenscio)

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