You may have millions of customers to whom you’ve been sending communications over daily emails to effectively market your products and services. You may be spending big money on making your email communications work and stand out for your customers.

Have you ever wondered, that your customers are also subscribed to your ‘Competitors’ and are constantly being approached with better prices and discounts?

Imagine if you could know exactly what your competitors are doing with their email campaign, when they shoot out their campaigns, how many are landing in the inbox, which campaigns are running successfully, which products are being offered at what discounts and why the others fell short?

Such deep insights would really benefit your own email marketing campaign, wouldn’t you agree?

The impact these insights can have on your email marketing revenue cannot be overstated, thereby, making it imperative for marketers to invest in Competitive Intelligence Applications (CIA) to drive email marketing optimization.


Some of the popular email marketing competitive tactics utilized are:

  1. Subscribing to competitor’s newsletters
  2. Analyst and Market Research Services
  3. Use tools that provide engagement and performance data of one’s competitor’s email marketing programs
  4. Participate in Industry associations
  5. Relying on Industry average benchmark reports
  6. Participate in Industry Conferences
  7. Using Secret Shoppers

Marketers are already spending millions in sending bulk emails daily. Thus, it makes sense to invest in Competitive Intelligence Tools, so as to not miss out on optimization opportunities and be left behind by competitors.

A recent study indicated:23_09_17_3

Imagine if you had a tool that you could utilize to understand your email campaign inbox placement across different ISPs vis-à-vis your competitors, email sending frequency, segmentation strategies and its effect on inbox placement and open rates, use of offers & keywords, frequency in subject lines and the performance of your creatives vs competitors, in order to immediately understand various success metrics.

Competitive Intelligence Tools Can Help Ensure:

  • Your emails stand out against competitor’s, by attracting the customer’s attention in the inbox.
  • It tells which brands are also emailing your target audience and vying for their attention.
  • You can also get insights into the percentage of your email subscribers who also receive emails from your competitors.
  • The most active days of the week & time, when your target audience receives the most emails from your rivals
  • The latest offers, key events, partner campaigns, top performing domains etc. being used by competitors

Competitor Intelligence Tools Enable You To:


  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Recognize industry trends
  • Research what your competitors are doing in their messaging, creative and more…
  • Better yet, learn what is working for them!
  • Use the “Awesome Bar” research tool to find best practice brands and campaigns
  • Know the frequency of subject line words used and their effectiveness, by your brand and your competitors
  • Research what your competition is doing to leverage social change
  • Learn what new offers your competitors are testing
  • Know what the most competitive inbox days are
  • Understand competitive approaches to triggers, welcomes, etc.
  • Realize that tactical approaches can lead to the next big ideas

There’s no better way to beat your competitors in their own game than by knowing their game plan. Kenscio Digital enables its clients to gain competitive insights that keep them ahead!