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Guide to a Better HTML Email Design – Part 18

17. Rich Media/Flash in Email Message

The consensus on using rich media in emails is: Just don’t do it. Most email clients do not support Flash or other types of rich media. If JavaScript is needed to launch the rich media, it is often stripped out due to security concerns. If you must use animation, use an animated GIF, but watch the file size. If you’ve developed a really cool rich media application you want to showcase, include a link to a Web-hosted version, which gives you more control and broader browser acceptance.

The animated gif’s will not be displayed on outlook, When you receive an e-mail message that contains animated graphics, such as animated .gif files, only a static image appears on outlook.

You can also look at converting your flash files to animated gif images and then link to the flash website through the link click, so that users can visit the web page for a good streaming experience.

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Guide to a Better HTML Email Design – Part 17

16. Navigation and Search in Email Message


Your email is basically an extension of your Website so, where appropriate, make the navigation of your email message consistent with your Website — but also highlight key areas of your Website that are likely to get customers to take action. If you have Bargain Basement, Closeouts, Featured Products and other areas on your site — use them in your email.

If your Email Service Provider provides the feature of visually providing the user attention through the links clicks, You can analyze which sections of your email message are generating more clicks and optimize the offer placements to areas where the users are more likely to click.

You can also use multi-variate testing to test the email content and subject lines that provide the highest open and click through rates, before sending the email message to the entire audience.

If you have a search capability on your Website, add it to your email. Your customers can type in their search phrase, hit submit, and it will take them to your Website’s search-results page. You now have those people on your Website, where you have the potential to convert them to customers.

Allow your landing pages to be searchable by the search engines and look for user search phrases. This can provide what users are looking for on the web and this will provide very useful information on the subject lines for your email message.

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