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Cricket Fever with Kenscio’s Thermometer

Zillions of crazy Indian cricket fans were winding up their work in a Jiffy to cheer up their heroes, while we @ Kenscio were busy in developing a count-down timer in an e-mail communication to be sent by Star Sports (We call it Intimate Communication) which gives them a goose-bump with a ticking clock asking them to go home early.

With this they did not require their wife, husband, friends & families to give them a reminder. Along with Star Sports, Kenscio have done this task for them like one of their close acquaintances. We understand the urgency and we make it fine-tuned too.

With  an engaging content, Star Sports wanted their real heroes (Their consumers) to be well and advanced informed. Here is how Kenscio did the fulfillment:

Real Time Personalised Email

Real Time Personalised Email



Digital Direct Marketing without Insights and Actions

“Action without insight and insight without action mean nothing to a marketer.”

Kenscio’s Digital Direct Marketing Solutions Suite enables marketers to use the customer demographics, transactions, and web behavior across all of digital and offline channels to derive powerful insights for actionable acquisition, engagement and retention strategies.
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Welcome to Kenscio’s Blog

Thanks for visiting Kenscio’s official blog site. Our blog site will be presenting you with best of knowledge and information from Industry and client case studies in email and social media marketing.

Kenscio is a digital marketing solutions  and services provider. The services offered include a world class E-mail marketing platform,  List Rental services from a colossal database of 20 million, Inviter Solution, List Hygiene  Management and a world class Social CRM marketing platform.

Kenscio  is based out of Bangalore and Delhi. The company has strategic alliances  with many leading Indian Advertising Agencies. Kenscio is actuating a marketing  platform for enterprises on the social media lines. This will allow drip  marketing phenomenon into consumers’s social graph resulting in higher  conversion rates and brand interaction.

Kenscio is a success-story for everyone to be aspired  and get fascinated. It’s a story for everyone to realise the metamorphosis of a  concept transpiring into operations and to success.

Kenscio started its operations in February, 2009 and was known as Sprinklr India.

Since the time of inception, the growth has been  stupendous. In March, 2009 Kenscio started with 6 clients. The current numbers  has crossed the benchmark. In terms of client growth, the organisation has seen  a ten-fold increase.

A demonstrative increase in terms of mailing-volumes, the growth has  been 15 times.
Kenscio provides full range of services from Strategy and Consulting in email and social media marketing, account management, 24×7 support and a full service either at onsite or off-site.
For more details, visit http://www.kenscio.com

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