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When I was younger ( about 15…….okay a lifetime ago ! ) and first fell in love….I would often look at my girlfriend and ask her WDILYSM? ( Why Do I Love You So Much?) and then we’d talk hours on the reasons. She loved these conversations ( for they flattered her so ) and for me – somewhere, subconsciously, it reinforced the belief that we were right for each other. We got married after a decade of the first time I asked her that question and in the 16 years since, I get different answers to this question every time it comes up …..WDILYSM?

So, I began asking this question to myself whenever I found something that endeared me – places that I fell in love with, food that I wanted to keep having, Long Island Iced Teas, chilled craft beers, barbecued chicken wings and more…..surely, in time, this trickled down to my work in general.

What also happened is that since my work involved Direct Communication, I could not help but flip this question and allow the brand or the product in the proposition to ask the very same question to its audience. Drilling it down to the most recent object of my affection – Digital Direct Marketing, well eMail Marketing in particular. So I got down to it and tried to figure out what endears someone to engage with communication sent to him. What I realized was that there is almost a one on one analogy. With apologies to the bard of Avon for the tweak “Why do I love thee – let me count the ways”.

Here’s a list of a few things that would endear a communicator or communication to the recipient.

The Subject Line – crack this and you’ve found a place in the heart !

Subject line – opening line – conversation starter or ice breaker it’s one or all of these. For what all reasons would someone ever ‘like’ a subject line leave alone LOVE it?

  • It had an actionable in it. An action I’d love to see myself taking.

Eg. Take Mum to the movies this weekend – for free! Instead of Buy one get one free.

  • It showed me a value that others did not

Eg. Why don’t you compare the emotional quotient of “Save your kids eyes from the summer sun with sunglasses from xyz” with that of “kids sunglasses at 40% off” < Thank you Saurav Patnaik>

  • It was personalised with Demographic information and some sort of buying behaviour :

Roses are Red Violets are Blue – This email Amit or <Insert First Name> comes especially for you.

Eg. Compare “Amit, Save your kids eyes from the summer sun with sunglasses from xyz” with “kids sunglasses at 40% off”

Tip : Personalised subject lines are served best with segmented mailers ! Accompanied by relevant content this is one potent combination for a loyal following and interested subscriber base. By the way I’m going to delve into segmentation for success in another post Divide and Rule <coming soon>

  • It was honest

Eg. A subject line like Upto 90% off on Major Brands and the proposition saying conditions apply in fine print is nothing but dishonest. I’d open it the first time but I’d surely build an image of a sly – you told me you’d give me something but you shoved me some something else – seller.

The Body – as the cliché goes – beauty is not always skin deep !

If you’ve caught the interest with the subject line, your open rates would have risen, try the hook now.

The content must always be relevant, never vague and always fresh.

  • Love at first sight: If you can generate content that is relevant to recipient, presented such that it renders perfectly in the device the recipient is holding, you’re making an impression. It is important to plan how the communication looks and its Usability on mobile as well as desktop devices.

Eg: Number of navigation tabs can be lesser in the mobile version of a mailer.

Tip : Responsive Design, Adaptive Design, Scalable design are important new developments that you just cannot ignore.

Rendering tests using special responsive design tools is important in today’s context. A very large percentage of the mailers are rejected at first sight because they did not render correctly in the device the recipient used.

  • Come Hither looks: A strategically placed, above the fold call to action is akin to the ‘come hither’ enticement or the ‘talk to me’ smile that one seeks. It tempts the reader to take an action. Visit the webpage, call the number, click on the link….

Tip: Testing the location of a Call to Action button or link using an A/B Split will be a good idea. See that your ESP can help you with that.

  • Strike it while it’s hot: Long body copy will not bring any additional returns. Even if you have more content, push the reader to a landing page after a teaser on the email. Remember, you have 8 seconds before the reader begins to fade out. That’s how long it takes to create the impact and ask for the action!!
  • It’s not me it’s you: The content should talk of benefits to the recipient not the features or strengths or functions that you – the brand or marketer – are offering. The more you use the term You, Your…. In your mailer, the more you sound appealing to the reader.
  • I changed myself for you: Today, there are emails that will push content based on the Device, Location, Weather, Date, Time and other factors. This content can be different and as individual as the person receiving it. That level of personalisation is endearing. Will always draw an “awww!!” from the object of your attention.

Tip: Look for Real Time Personalisation tools. They will help create that zebra print experience for each recipient. Hundreds of possible variants, will bring huge stickiness to your campaigns. Also, follow up trial campaigns with this technology with survey mailers to find out if you made an impression.

So, I shared some of my reasons to love a piece of communication……. What are yours?

(Contributed by: Mr. Amit Sarna, Vice President-Client Success & Partnerships, Kenscio Digital)


Responsive who?


Cross-screen Engagement (Responsive Design)

To answer that – Well, every major brand and enterprise, practically everyone who is serious about their digital efforts paying off is going responsive. Chant “Stop, look and go responsive“.

One size fits all is a catch phrase even the clothing industry is weaning off of.

Stop thinking in terms of web pages and email templates, its’ time to start thinking browsers, devices and platforms. There is an ever-increasing onslaught of novelty in hardware, and screen sizes are moving from large, medium, and small to everything in between. We are left with no choice but to turn to a fluid design in our content.

There are numerous statistics to show that mobile penetration is surpassing all device usage records. Almost 90% urban India is suitably equipped to access and consume digital content across platforms and devices. Companies therefore must respond and change the way this content is being served.

Why Responsive?

Effective Time Spent on Content

Instead of multiple fixed width layouts, serve fluid grid layouts. Images, copy and call to actions are sized up perfectly to suit the device and platform. Consumers spend less time zooming in and out or scrolling sideways and more time actually engaging with your brand through the website or email.


Email templates created with a responsive design are known to show twice as much engagement as traditional email. Given the fact that a growing majority mobile users are accessing emails on mobile, it’s imperative that your brand and message is not just visible but clear and conspicuous and designed to fit!

Avoid accidental clicks

It will drastically reduce the rate of unwarranted or accidental click-through. Customers who intend to click on a certain call to action will do so based on pure intent and not mistakenly land up their trying to navigate on an unresponsive design. Thus your metrics convey a truer picture.

How Responsive?

 There are specialists in the field offering custom web designs, email designs to suit every budget. Large enterprises have teams and agencies.

 We at Kenscio specialize in offering you the best in class responsive email design, suited and booted to your specifications with turnaround times that surpass industry standards- Pixel perfect magic at your service!

 Check out  www.responsivemailers.com for more !

(Contributed by: Arzoo Amrita Mann, Sr. Manager – Client Success, Kenscio)



Email will not be the same as you have been looking at it till now. With the changing technology & the changing behavior, we will see lot of new things coming up in 2014.

1. Segment of One
Segment of One
The email marketing in 2014 will be heavily driven by the individualization we can bring in to the content. The individualization will not be limited to the static demographic data. It will be a much more complex system which will derive data from demographics, transactions, web behavior, etc. The old rule used for segmentation will go away. The new era has begun, where no one is alike & everyone will fall is completely different segment.

2. Personalisation
The content needs to be personalized to everyone based on not only the demographics, behavior, etc. but also the data which is not available while sending an email, viz. location where email was opened, time when email is opened, device used to open an email, etc. Gathering live data & personalization based on this live data will be very important. As people will be travelling more than today & will have more than single device.

3. Creativity – Images, Music, Video & More


We email clients like Gmail caching the content, there is now no limitation on the creativity used in the content. Initially Marketers used to send low quality creative so that they load faster. Now with caching, high quality creative can also be loaded in a fraction of a second. In addition, creativity will not be limited to the images. Much more involving content like music, videos, etc. will play a very important role in email marketing.

4. Live Social Angle to Email Marketing

Social feed

Email we no longer be a boring static medium of communication. It will now be possible to see live feeds from Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can see which of your friends opened or clicked on the emails. You can also share the emails with your friends on social networks. This will also open up a new angle to email marketing which will be more fun to interact with.

5. Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Email has this awesome property to be personalized based on who is seeing it. This allows us send unique content to their inbox. More we can analyse the data, better we can understand the behavior & hence we can communicate with people in much better way. With so much of data being generated every day, analytics will play an important role in email marketing.

6. Predictive Email Marketing

Predictive Email Marketing

Gone are the days of email broadcasting. Today you have to predict what your clients want. And prediction will not be done at the group level, but at the individual level. We will see lot of tools coming up who will predict what a person is going to buy, even before that person knows it. This will really help email marketing to be more relevant.

7. Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel Marketing

Email marketing will be used in conjunction with many other channels in 2014. A single tool which will support many channels of marketing will be very important. The data from various channels will be used to support email marketing & vice versa.

8. Single View of Customer

Single view of customer

With so many ways to interact with the brand, having a single view of every customer will be very important. This will help marketers to understand what their customers do at various other places & take quick decisions to keep them happy.

9. Data Enhancement

Profile Enhancement

Most of the companies take only email ids to make the checkout process faster. This creates a lot of problem when we have to communicate with them. Lot of tools will come out which will help marketers understand their customers much more than what data they have. Marketers will try to find out about their customers from other data sources.

10. Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Emails will be read on Mobile devices, more than the desktop. Additionally it will be opened on any size of mobile & in any mobile client. So the email sent has to be intelligent enough to be responsive & readable on mobile.

All this will make email marketing much more interesting & relevant for the Marketers & even the recipients.


Is your email creative mobile ready?

We are increasingly moving towards a connected and perpetually active world. More and more people are beginning to depend on mobile devices to work, play or stay connected to what matters to them. As a result it is not surprising to know that people are gradually depending more on their smart phones or other smart devices to perform their favourite activities on the internet, one of them being: checking emails.

Research shows that 41% of mobile owners have made a purchase as a direct result of an email viewed on a mobile device. On the other hand as much as 63% of customers might close and forget about non-mobile friendly messages.

As a result, you the marketer, can no longer avoid the fact that your customers might experience your email communication on multiple devices, and that your creative might not be optimized enough to support all devices and environments.

One crude solution is to investigate the affinity of your customers for various devices and prepare several version of your email campaign optimised for each device. This not so bright method, fails to address the challenge that at least some of your customers might check emails on multiple devices. Some might show a pattern, others might not. The complexity just continues to increase.

A smart way of addressing this challenge would be to optimise your email creative in such a way that it is intuitive enough to provide the most optimized viewing experience to your customers on any given device.

Email optimization for mobile devices


Well, there are more than one ways of achieving mobile optimization, the desirable method depends on the layout of your creative, the content, the call to action etc. among other things.

Get in touch to learn more about how Kenscio can help optimise your email campaigns for multiple devices, operating systems and browsers.


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