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      Do you know and understand your customer behaviors?

      Know your customer more and do live conversation inside Inbox for a contextual targeting with Kenscio’s Real Time Personalization (RTP) platform.

      What is Real Time Personalization (RTP)?

      Real-Time Personalisation (RTP) is a dynamic email marketing platform invented by Kenscio. RTP creates compelling and time-sensitive content in real-time, which adds tremendous value to various marketing & promotional activities. Kenscio's Real-Time Personalisation was launched at Teradata Connect 2014 in London.

      Real-Time Personalization is the only key to overcoming the challenges due to this most shifted marketing landscape of the era or even beyond. Real-Time Personalization helps improve email marketing strategies and email open time personalisation with integrated data-driven approaches.

      1. Geo targeting. Show content based on customers’ location
      2. Multivariate split testing of creatives and content in your email
      3. Schedule multiple images to show at different times of day
      4. Date and Time of Email opens
      5. Device, browser & operating system of customer
      6. Location from which it is opened
      1. Real Time Email Content- Real Time Personalisation enables live content in emails even after getting delivered to inbox
      2. Personalized Email Content -Email content personalization based on subscriber's purchase history, registered locations, personal profile, etc
      3. Higher Engagement- Demonstrated increase in Email engagement through better open rate, CTR and Conversion

      Key Features

      Countdown Timer

      A time-contextual feature displays time remaining till the end or start of the deal up to seconds.

      Device Based Images

      Display different offers, deals, events, and others based on the device used to read the mail.

      Twitter Feeds

      Allows showcase of live tweets from official twitter handles in an Email

      RSS and API Feeds

      Display live content like user rating, feedback, reviews and more pulled directly from APIs.

      Location Based Images

      Display different offers, deals, events and lots more based on the location where the email was viewed.


      Displays HTML5 videos or convert videos into animated GIFs supported by Email.

      Progress Bar

      Create a visual effect on urgency by showing that time is running out, using a progress bar.

      Advanced analytics

      Analyse user behaviour by tracking location, device, and time of reading emails.

      Facebook Feeds

      Allows showcase of real-time Facebook Feed of official page in an Email

      Image Optimiser

      Run Multivariate testing on several images to select the best idea and show it to the rest of the audience.

      Weather Customization

      Showcase of real-time weather condition for geo-targeting

      Time Based Images

      Will display different offers, deals and events based on specific time of the day.

      Social Streaming

      Display live content from social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.

      Multivariate Testing

      Allows insertion of dynamic content to optimize the best performing one

      Live Website Content

      Display live content like the latest products, discounts, prices, etc., from the website.

      Integrated API

      Integrate any Email Editor, ESP or Gateways with RTP within seconds for seamless performance

      Client’s Reviews

      Client’s Reviews

      We have consistently seen growth and they are a valued partner. I would recommend them to others.

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      Create excitement and urgency in your email through time-sensitive content

      Did you know that 80% of consumers shopping for mobile phones research online, while 83% want to purchase in a day?

      Did you know that 80% of consumers shopping for mobile phones research online, while 83% want to purchase in a day?

      Key Benefits

      Use data for advanced targeting

      Use data for advanced targeting

      Generate Consumer Insights

      Generate Consumer Insights

      Send personalized and relevant emails.

      Send personalized and relevant emails.

      Higher customer engagement

      Higher customer engagement

      Context based targeting

      Context based targeting

      Advanced Analytics

      Advanced Analytics

      Case Studies

      Learn how our solutions have tackled challenges for clients across the globe

      Inbox Tracker

      Maximize the Attention, Visibility & Deliverability To Subscribers’ INBOX!

      Gauge email campaign performance in real-time with unprecedented email deliverability intelligence – email open rate, read rate, delete w/o being read rate & the subscriber engagement level. Analyse email campaigns based on content, visuals, infrastructure, links & attachments to ensure higher INBOX placement.

      Reputation Advisor

      Stay Alert of The Any Underlying Issues, Ensuring Maximum Email Deliverability!

      A first-of-its-kind feature that automates Configuration & Set-Up, Infrastructure Details, Authentication & Compliance, IP Reputation & Performance, and Policy & Practices.

      Subject Line Advisor & Subject Line Predict

      Improve Email Subject Lines On-the-go With Data-driven Insights!

      Gain a better understanding of the emotional persona of the target audience, find out the keywords/phrases that capture subscriber attention & engagement, pre-test subject lines and project read rates prior email deployment.

      Competitive Tracker

      Gain an Insider View of Your Competitors’ Email Marketing Strategy!

      Be smarter in driving engagement, improving customer loyalty, increasing revenue by taking the next step to optimize email marketing campaigns. Benchmark and compare engagement metrics, subject lines, creative, segmentation and email send frequencies.

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