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Kenscio Kenscio Digital Marketing
April 2022
Message from CEO
We are very excited about launching our newsletter program to connect with our customers, prospects, and marketing veterans to share news, trends, newest technologies, case studies, articles, white papers, and more!
We look forward to your suggestions and comments.
Manjunatha KG
Partner Highlights
Mapp, the international provider of insight–led customer experiences, announced Kenscio as their Consulting Certified Partner on 30th November 2021. The certification will enhance Kenscio and Mapp’s in-depth knowledge of their offerings, amplifying the value that all customers and future customers will benefit from.
Arnaud Kongly, Principal Account Director at Mapp said
“We are delighted that Kenscio Digital Marketing has become a Mapp Consulting Certified Partner. Kenscio has already been a trusted partner for 10 years and the caliber of work we have delivered for our customers has been second to none. We look forward to delivering even more class-leading work for our customers moving forwards.”
Discover how Mapp and Kenscio's partnership offer insight-led customer experiences.
SALES manage
SALESmanago LLC and Aghreni Technologies Private Limited (Brand – Kenscio) announces Marketing & Support Services Partnership to offer a Customer Data and Experience Platform for Global and Indian enterprises. The platform will capture client data from online and offline systems and present a 360-degree view of the customer information for effective marketing communication and engagement.
Grzegorz Blazewicz, Founder & CEO of SALESmanago said
“The partnership with Kenscio will allow us to further enhance our presence in Asia Pacific & Middle East markets which is one of the fastest-growing markets and embracing new technologies for business. SALESmanago’ s CDXP platform can be a differentiator for those enterprises adopting it as their integrated Customer Data and Experience platform. We are excited with the thoughts of working with Indian & Asian enterprises and learn from them too to enrich our product platform further”
Delve into how SALESmanago and Kenscio's CDXP improves customer engagement.
Upswing FY22 leading to a sustainable & groeth plan for FY23
We just completed FY22 (Apr to March period) and amidst all the global & national concerns - repeated Covid threats & lower economic activities, Kenscio had a resounding business year. We retained our key clients, grew them during FY22 and added new clients too.
Overall, we had a YoY revenue growth of 39% and continued to be profitable to reinvest in our FY23 growth plans. We have put together an aggressive & yet a sustainable revenue & profitability growth plan for FY23. We are adding more feet on the ground to serve you better and be the best in the industry with your continued support.
You will witness a new Kenscio as the year progresses - a team with high energy and high performance culture with Customer First as the motto, thanking our customers and partners for their excellent support.
Why Email Marketing is still relavant today?
Case Study: SonyLIV
Life at Kenscio
Kenscio thrives on innovation. Our incredible work would not be possible without an equally amazing culture, an environment where ideas can flourish; where you will be empowered to move forward as far as your ideas take you. Management is very approachable and welcoming to new ideas. Our success is a result of cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, an attitude of exploration and applied innovation. Refreshments are always readily available from our well stocked pantry. Work Life balance comes from a beautiful rooftop cafeteria, spacious parking lots, welcoming workstations and fun events every fortnight.
Life at Kenscio
Success Stories
Winner Gold
11th ACEF Global Customer Engagement Award 2022 Gold
Best B2C Email Marketing Campaign for Scam 1992 Web Series
Kaya clinic
Winner Gold
10th ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards 2021
Mobile Marketing - Effectiveness: “WhatsApp for Business”
Winner Gold
ACEF Content Marketing Awards 2021
Best B2B Branded Content Marketing
Winner Gold
9th ACEF Asian Leaders Awards 2020
Branding and Marketing – Capability Awards: Most Admired Campaign for Brand Revitalization.
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