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Kenscio Kenscio Digital Marketing
August 2022
Message from VP - Sales & Revenue
Greetings from Kenscio. Monetizing your data is the big push in digital marketing in recent times. This requires brands to have a mature approach to designing data structures and campaigns that not only captures new data, but analyses this data to better target via various channels.
As usual, happy Kenscians are upto what they do best – service our clients to achieve their digital marketing goals and win awards.
Srinath T
Srinath T Gopalakrishna
Partners Highlights
Profusion, a UK headquartered data consultancy, specialising in predictive modelling, business intelligence and customer satisfaction, has partnered with Kenscio to provide AI Marketer tools to its clients in India & other Asia Pacific markets.
Profusion’s key offerings help businesses to grow using data and AI – whether that involves increasing customer engagement & sales, optimising their operations or simply learning more about what their customers want. They have won multiple awards for innovation across marketing and data science.
Kenscio has been working with Profusion for the past 5 years, providing email marketing experts, campaign managers, HTML developers and designers.
Profusion and Kenscio have brought together the latest predictive analytics & machine learning techniques and combined them with a universal API or plugin designed with marketers in mind. Customers can independently plug each module into their platform to create highly optimised marketing campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel.
This will enable customers to predict:
Customer Lifetime Value Customer Lifetime Value: Analyse your customers’ purchase and marketing data to identify your most valuable individuals. This will enable you to design communication campaigns that focus on your most important customers.
Propensity to Buy Propensity to Buy: Reveal when your customers are ready and willing to purchase from you.
Customer Churn Customer Churn: Identity which of your customers are at risk of leaving you and when. This is invaluable for customer retention campaigns.
end Time Optimisation (STO) Send Time Optimisation (STO): Calculate the best date and time to communicate to customers at an individual level.
Customer RFM Profile Customer RFM Profile: Tailor your campaign to ensure you contact the best customers to talk to by their purchase Recency, Frequency and Monetary value (RFM).
For more information and used cases, please visit our Partners page on www.kenscio.com
Growth Plan for FY Q2 2022
The June quarter has just passed, and we are into a new quarter with great hope and higher expectations. The quarter bygone was dominated by many factors - geopolitical conflicts in Europe and unrest in many countries, which affected quite a few industries. Aghreni (Brand - Kenscio) had a reasonably good quarter regarding new wins and revenues, but it would be even better with the earlier situations. The September quarter has just begun, and we are seeing improved business sentiments and increased adoption of Digital Marketing amongst Internet Services companies, Banks, Insurance and Media & Entertainment verticals, to name a few.
Nippon India RTP
Success Stories
Winner Gold
Best Content Delivery Enabler [Technology]
Winner Gold
DMA Asia Echo Awards
Data inspired targeting for Marketing Automation powering lifecycle emails.
Life at Kenscio
12th July, 2022
POSH Awareness Program:
A POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harrasment) awareness program was organised on 12th of July 2022 in Kenscio. The program was conducted by Dr. B S Anuradha where she explained the need and importance of POSH policy in an organization.
POSH Awareness Program
Table Tennis Tournament
27th - 29th July, 2022
Table Tennis Tournament - “Clash of Champions”
Kenscio Got Talent Table Tennis Tournament 2022 was organized on 27th, 28th and 29th of July 2022.
30th July, 2022
Birthday Bash
Every last Friday of the month, Kenscio organizes a celebration for the employees whose birthdays fall in that month.
Birthday Bash
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