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Email Marketing
Trend Watch
AMP Emails: Elevating your Email Marketing Game
Imagine receiving an email about a flash sale from your favourite brand, and the content dynamically updates in real-time as the sale progresses, ensuring you have the latest information on discounts and promotions. Or another email showcasing a carousel of products you can scroll through directly. This is the power of AMP emails. It offers dynamic content and interactive product carousels and can display real-time information directly within them, just like the above example. Truly a game-changer for email marketing. Learn More.
Top Stories
Digital Marketing + AI: A growth-driven integration for the future
Earlier, AI in business was just a buzzword. Investors were sceptical of companies flaunting AI and machine learning without real substance. However, AI evolved with time. And so did Digital marketing, with AI influencing everything from recommendations to personalised playlists. Now, a new wave of integrated technologies streamlines diverse marketing tasks. These integrated and collaborative AI tools make life easier for digital marketers and add significant brand value. Read More
Marketing Transformation: Reinventing the wheels with technology
If not living under a rock, you couldn't have missed realising the importance of technology for unique, personalised experience creation. Brands that leverage innovations gain a competitive edge. Automation tools handle repetitive tasks, enhancing campaign effectiveness, while Performance marketing boosts brand visibility. Staying ahead means embracing and mastering these technological advancements. Read More
Email Spam: Online Dating and OTT industry tops the chart with highest spam complaints
As businesses adapt to the ever-changing landscape of online communication, their personalised approaches are also evolving. A report reveals intriguing insights into the latest email marketing trends, highlighting the best and worst days for email engagement across industries. With two major industry players facing the highest spam complaints, the study emphasises the importance of user privacy. It predicts a future of more personalised, socially driven, and interactive email marketing. Read More
Festive Marketing: From fostering relationship to standing out from the crowd
In India, festivals aren't just about celebrations; they're battlegrounds for brands seeking attention and grabbing a piece of the massive consumer base. They offer a unique marketing window where consumers actively seek purchases. Brands must craft compelling stories and emotionally connect with users to stand out amid the festive noise. Successful festive marketing boosts sales and forges lasting connections with consumers beyond the festival season. Read More
Pro Tip of the Month
“Test, Analyze, & Iterate”
Imagine sending two messenger birds with different scrolls to the townsfolk to see which message they liked more. That's A/B testing! After carefully studying the responses, you can learn what people love. With this newfound wisdom, you can tweak your messages, making them even more enchanting. Similarly, in email marketing, you can continuously test, analyse, and iterate to fine-tune the email content and design for maximum impact!
  Pro Tip of the Month
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Thu, 7 Dec
Le Méridien, Gurugram
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Thu, 7 Dec – Fri, 8 Dec
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